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Tata Nexon EV’s software upgrade, new prime variant added

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Tata Motors is going to upgrade all its Nexon EVs with Sapphire. The company has also prepared a new software along with the new prime variant. The company has said that it will also upgrade the software in the Nexon currently in the market. For that, Tata has said that it will start the software upgrade of Nexon EVs in India from July 25.

More than 700 units of Nexon EV have been sold in Nepal. In this case, Sipradi trading software will also be upgraded to the customers here. However, it is not possible to say from which date.

With Tata Motors launching the new variant of Nexon EV in India, the Nexon EV has reached regular, dark, prime and max variants. Features have been added to the ‘Prime’ variant brought by the company. Nexon Prime has features like multi-mode regeneration system, cruise control, smart watch connectivity, in-direct tire pressure monitoring system, automatic brake lamp burning during regeneration.

The Tata Nexon Prime variant comes with a 30.2 kWh lithium ion battery like the regular model. Its battery is water and dust proof.

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