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High score increase in Nepse index

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The Nepse index, which measures stock trading in the stock market, has risen by a higher number today. The Orlean market has risen sharply to a low point due to the continuous decline.

According to the Nepal Stock Exchange, the Nepse index has risen by 95.52 points to reach 2,420.96. Similarly, the Sensitive Index, which measures the trading volume of large companies, rose by 17.74 points to 460.88. Despite the rise in Nepse high, the transaction amount has not increased much.

A total of 66,039,504 shares of 230 companies were bought and sold at a price of Rs 2,531,275,593. According to Nepse, share prices of 13 subgroups have risen. Banking 42.12, Trade 22.79, Hotel and Tourism 84.93, Development Bank 262.37, Hydropower 189.17, Finance 143.67, Non-Life Insurance 434.37, Production 156.46, Other 88.76, Microfinance 179.42, life insurance 423.37, collective investment fund 0.31 and investment 4.33 points.

After Sunday’s trading, the market capitalization has reached Rs. 34.43 billion. According to Nepse, the founder share of Sanima Bank is at the top in terms of turnover. The bank has a turnover of Rs. 220 million.

Similarly, Shivam Cement had a turnover of Rs. 117.62 million, Arun Valley Hydropower Rs. 91.22 million, Himalayan Distillery Rs. Managed to fall within five.

Circuit in stock

After a long time, the share price of a dozen companies has risen by 10 percent. According to Nepse, National Hydropower, Waste Finance, Shree Investment Company, Janaki Finance, Arun Valley Hydropower, Manjushree Finance, Khanikhola Hydropower, Ghalemdi Hydropower, Universal Power Company, Himal Dolakha Hydropower, I thought.

Similarly, investors in Nepal Investment Bank lost 9.89 per cent, Nashdo Samridhi Microfinance 2.85 per cent, Lakshmi Bank 2 and Siddhartha Equity Fund lost 0.57 per cent.

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