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Ropai Mahotsav: Foreign tourists with Nepalese (Photo Feature)

असार १५, २०७९ बुधबार 450

Like every year, Asare Festival has been organized in Pokhara this year as well. The Pokhara Tourism Council has organized a planting festival at Pokhara 25 Hemja. The program is aimed at inviting foreign and domestic tourists to visit Pokhara in all seasons. Along with Nepalis, foreign tourists also enjoyed the festival.

Ropai Mahotsav in Pokhara to attract tourists
The Asare Ropai Mahotsav has been prepared here with the objective of prolonging the stay of tourists in Pokhara through agro-tourism. Tourists in Pokhara have been urged to stay in Pokhara till then to participate in the festival to be organized by Pokhara Tourism Council on July 30.

The Pokhara Tourism Council, an umbrella organization of tourism entrepreneurs in Pokhara, has been holding the Ropai Festival for the past 13 years to prolong the stay of tourists through Ropai. The 14th Ropai Mahotsav will be held at Thulibisi Field in Batulechaur, Pokhara, according to the organizers.

A letter has been sent to Rotterdam University in the United States to participate in the festival and a team of 15 people is coming to Pokhara from there, said Bharatraj Parajuli, vice-chairman of the council. It is said that a team of students and professors from Rotterdam University used to come here last year to experience the traditional farming system.

Parajuli said that 500 foreign tourists from more than 22 countries including Japan, Singapore, China, Germany, Italy and France will participate in the festival. He said that more than 30,000 domestic tourists would participate in the festival. The number of domestic tourists going to play mud in the Asare Festival has also increased as the fields of Pokhara have been turned into concrete jungles recently.

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