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190,000 tourists entered nepaal in five months

जेठ १९, २०७९ बिहिबार 293

Compared to April 2022, the number of tourists visiting Nepal in May has decreased. According to the Immigration Department, the number has dropped by 4,743. In May, 53,608 tourists entered Nepal. Last month (April), 58,348 tourists had entered the country.

Thus, in the five months of 2022 (January, February, March, April and May) one lakh 90 thousand 697 foreign tourists have entered. Most of which are Indian tourists. According to the statistics of the department, 22 thousand 662 tourists have entered from India in May alone.

Similarly, 7 thousand 274 tourists have come from USA, 3 thousand 262 from Bangladesh, 2 thousand 451 from UK and 1 thousand 606 from Australia. Before the Corona epidemic, most tourists entered Nepal from China. However, the number of tourists from China has not increased yet.

The number of tourists coming from China has not increased due to the inability of direct air service between Nepal and China. The Nepal Tourism Board has stated that the number of tourists visiting Nepal has decreased by 96 percent due to the non-lifting of the ban on commercial flights to reduce the risk of infection during the epidemic.

According to Maniraj Lamichhane, director of the board, before the epidemic, around 30,000 tourists used to visit Nepal monthly from China alone. But in May 2022, a total of 388 tourists have come to Nepal from China.

Earlier, there were 281 in April, 431 in March, 205 in February and 321 in January. Based on 2019, China has recovered only 4 percent. ‘Corona is recovering in most countries after the epidemic. If Nepal-China had been open, 90 percent would have been recovered, ‘said Maniraj, director of the board.

The board is currently focusing on Bangladeshi and Indian tourists. He said that the number of tourist arrivals from Bangladesh alone has increased by one hundred and fifty percent as compared to 2019.

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