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Children who missed the typhoid vaccine will be vaccinated on April 25

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The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has said that the children who missed the vaccination for typhoid will be vaccinated on April 25. Although the government has made public the schedule of vaccination from April 10 to April 6, now it is time to conduct annual examination in the school.

According to Balram Tripathi, head of the urban health department, many children have already been vaccinated. Some of the survivors are scheduled to be vaccinated from each ward clinic on April 25. Chief Tripathi said that those who were released earlier should be vaccinated on April 25 and if anyone in the target group was released after that, they should go to the regular vaccination center prescribed by the government.

The government has been conducting a program to vaccinate children up to 15 years of age against typhoid from April 10 to April 6. Vaccination centers have been set up in 600 community and private schools to facilitate the campaign. KAMPA had run centers in each school with at least 200 students.

The National Immunization Program is considered as the first priority of the government and a successful public health program. At present, the government believes that effective implementation of regular immunization program, including 12 antigens through this program, can significantly reduce the sickness rate, disability and infant and child mortality rate of children.

Typhoid is still highly contagious and high risk in Nepal and is one of the top five reasons for hospitalization. The campaign was launched by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba on April 8.

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