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Pathibhara road blacktop work started

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The road leading to Pathibhara, a famous pilgrimage site in Taplejung, has been tarred. The work of tarring the Suketar-Kafle Pati section of Pathibhara road has been started. The road section is being tarred long after the construction of the track. The Suketar-Kafle Pati road section with a total distance of 11 km will be tarred.

This road is very crowded due to visitors and it gets muddy in rainy season and muddy in winter. According to the North-South (Mulghat-Dobhan-Olangchungola) Road Planning Office, Taplejung, the construction work has started as soon as Kontek Construction Pvt.

Ganesh Mainali, managing director of Kontek Construction Pvt. According to Director Mainali, gravelling is being done using two excavators and other equipment. He said that additional machines and equipments required for blackening will arrive within the next two to four days.

He also informed that the construction work has been expedited with the plan to complete the contract ahead of time. According to Joshua Limbu, sub-engineer of the North-South (Mulghat-Dobhan-Olangchungola) Road Planning Office, a contract agreement has been signed with a construction company with a budget of Rs. 407.6 million.

Limbu also informed that an agreement has been reached with the company to complete the construction of the road within two years. The eight-kilometer Mechi Highway from the district headquarters Phungling to Suketar Airport under the Pathibhara road has already been tarred.

The Pathibhara Area Development Committee has stated that the pilgrims will be comfortable after the Pathibhara road is blacktoped. Manmani Kafle, executive director of the committee, said that the number of pilgrims could double if the roads were tarred.

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