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New price list of Royal Enfield motorcycles

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Alpha Automotives has unveiled a new price list for Royal Infield. The company has reduced the price of motorcycles by announcing a new price list. Alpha Automotives was recently appointed as the official dealer of Royal Enfield.

The company has made public the new price list by changing the price list made public a few days ago. Alpha Automotives has reduced the price of Classic 350 by up to Rs 60,000.

According to the previous price list made public by Alpha Automotives, all the variants of the Classic 350 were priced at Rs 700,000, while according to the current price list, the price of the Classic 350 Black is set at Rs 640,000 and the other four variants at Rs 650,000. The price of Battle Green, Redditch Red, S, S and Gunmetal Gray has been fixed at Rs 650,000.

Similarly, the company has reduced the price of Mater Firewall variant by Rs 40,000, Mater Mater Stellar variant by Rs 45,000 and Mater Supernova variant by Rs 65,000.
According to the new price list, the firewall variant is priced at Rs 830,000, steel at Rs 850,000 and firewall variant at Rs 875,000.

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