बुधबार , चैत्र १५, २०७९

Daily Horoscope for Ashar 16 Thursday

असार १६, २०७९ बिहिबार 836

Today Nepali Rashifal : Daily Nepali Rashifal / Horoscope for B.S. 2079/03/16 Thursday . In astrology, according to the moon, there is daily faladesh. Accordingly, what is their diary like ? Is predicted. This is how your day will be today.

Rashiphal Ashar 16 Thursday

Chance of heavy rain in some places this afternoon
Meteorologists have said that there is a possibility of heavy rain in all the states except Karnali. Meteorologist Pratibha Manandhar said that heavy rain will fall in the afternoon in Bagmati, Gandaki, State-1, Madhes, Lumbini and some places in the far-western states.

According to him, light to moderate rain is falling in many parts of the country now. In Kathmandu, the rain has stopped. However, it will rain again in the afternoon, said meteorologist Manandhar. He said that it will rain in all parts of the country in the afternoon as the monsoon is active across the country.

He said that there would be no heavy rain in the evening. Meteorologists have said that it is raining continuously as the monsoon low pressure line is north of the average, i.e. close to the southern region of Nepal.

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