सोमबार , जेठ १५, २०८०

Horoscope for Wednesday, 8th Asar 2079

असार ८, २०७९ बुधबार 571

Today is Wednesday the 8th of Asar 2079. Daily Nepali Rashifal / Horoscope for B.S. 2079 asar 8th Wednesday. In astrology, according to the moon, there is daily faladesh. Accordingly, what is their diary like? Is predicted. This is how your day will be today

daily nepali rashiphal 2079 asar 8th Wednesday

IPO distribution of Dordi Khola today
The IPO of Dordi Khola Hydropower Company Limited will be distributed today. Siddhartha Capital, the sales manager of the company, has stated that the IPO issued on June 10 will be distributed at 9 am. The company’s IPO has received applications for 179.33 million shares.

Some applications have been rejected. This is 8.85 times more than the 2,019,869 shares allotted to the public. The company had distributed 2,97,840 shares to the residents of the project-affected areas and issued 2,195,509 ordinary shares at the face value of Rs 100 per share.

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