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Leaving ‘Sidha Kura’, Rabi Lamichhane is moving towards politics

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Journalist Ravi Lamichhane enter politics. Lamichhane, the host of ‘Sidha Kura’ program on Galaxy 4 K television, has left the television. Rabbi Lamichhane has left television journalism and entered politics. Speaking to television staff at a farewell event at Galaxy’s office, Lamichhane said he had heard about the people’s problems so far and now wanted to take on the role of problem solver.

Lamichhane has not joined any party. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Meanwhile, a RPP leader said that Rajendra Lingden was not ready to enter the party despite some rounds of talks. Lamichhane has started preparations to contest the federal election from any constituency in Kathmandu.

The program conducted by Rabbi Lamichhane will be conducted by Yubaraj Kandel from now on. There is even speculation that the Lamichhane Rastriya Prajatantra Party will contest the election.

Uddhav Poudel, father-in-law of Lamichhane, had just returned from Kamal Thapa’s party to Rajendra Lingden-led RPP. Due to family ties, there is speculation that he will contest from RPP. Lamichhane, on the other hand, dismissed the question of family ties.

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