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‘Bravo Electric Scooter’ in Nepal

जेठ १६, २०७९ सोमबार 930

Jumbo Motors, which has made a strategy of aggressive market expansion in electric two-wheelers, has brought a fully charged scooter to Nepal in two hours. The company has brought an electric scooter made in retro design to Nepal.

Jumbo Motors Pvt. Ltd. is about to start selling ‘Bravo Electric Scooter’ of Jumbo brand in Nepali market. The company is currently operating a test drive program for the scooter. Jumbo Motors is a company operated by a business group in Hetauda. Under Jumbo Motors, the company has been selling electric scooters of Opai and Levning brands.

A 3 kW motor has been installed in Jumbo Bravo. The company has given two variants of battery option. It has a 20 amp 72 volt and a 40 amp 72 volt battery. The company has stated that double battery option is available in both these variants.

According to the company, it has an advanced battery of 21,700 cells. This scooter can be fully charged in 2 hours. The company has informed that it will provide fast charger. The company claims that the battery in it can run from 120 km to 240 km depending on the variant on full charge.

“We are preparing to launch it in the Nepali market after the completion of the test drive program. Its price has not been fixed yet, we will fix the price in a few days, ‘said Binod Neupane, director of Jumbo Mortas.

According to Neupane, this scooter is the first scooter in Nepal to be fully charged in two hours and has a range of up to 240 kilometers. The scooter has features like TFT display, keyless start, bider tires, telescopic suspension, LED lights, disc brakes, boot space.

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