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Why buy Yamaha’s new model FZ-X ? Find out 4 facts

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The new model FZ-X150 brought by Yamaha to Nepal has been showcased at Bhrikuti Mandap in Kathmandu from today. The retro design motorcycle launched by the company after a long test on Nepali roads is sure to be the choice of many youngsters.

This is because of the different designs that Yamaha has been selling in the Nepali market. Modern retro looks and modern feature loaded this motorcycle can be expected to do good business.

Here are four reasons why MAZ, the official dealer of Yamaha motorcycles and scooters for Nepal, has made public the FZ-X motorcycle in Nepal that can be chosen by the customers.


Customers are always looking for and liking new products. Yamaha’s retro design is completely new to Nepal. We all remember the success of R15 and MT15 of different designs that came to Nepal earlier. Yamaha’s entry-level motorcycle in retro design is expected to be a great success. Due to the retro design and modern features, this motorcycle seems to be the choice of the customer.

Customer friendly budget

Yamaha motorcycles are found to be very customer friendly. The retro-designed motorcycle is priced at Rs 427,000. This price can be considered attractive. At present, the price of most 125 cc motorcycles has reached Rs 300,000. The FZ-X, which offers high mileage with different designs, can be considered as a budget friendly motorcycle.


Yamaha’s most successful motorcycle is the FZ series. Yamaha’s best-selling motorcycle in the Nepali market is the FZ series and inspired by it, so it has a lot of credibility. With easy service and parts available, use of popular and successful engine, and pioneering in FI technology, it can be estimated that there are many customers who want it.


At first glance, the Yamaha FZX150 looks like a world school motorcycle with a retro design and a new technology based model. A lot of information can be easily found in this model with Smart Connet feature available. Customers will be able to get information on various status of motorcycles on their mobiles using the Smart Connect feature. It also has features like ABS, LED light, engine cut stand sensor.

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