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Java has opened a new motorcycle booking, how much price ?

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Java has opened booking for a new version of its stylish classic motorcycle ‘Java Forty Two’ in Nepal. The company has opened the booking of Java Forty Two 2.1 version. The company claims that the exhaust in the new Java motorcycle is better than before. Also, it looks more attractive than before.

The company has given a bigger seat for the new motorcycle and has also tuned the engine. The new motorcycle also has a 293 cc engine as before. The engine will deliver a maximum of 27.3 PS of power and 27.02 Nm of torque. This is the first time Java has used cross-part technology.

New technology has made motorcycle throttle response better than ever. Forty 2 2.1 has new features like alloy wheels, tubeless tires, trip meter, headlamp grille. Agni Motoink, the official seller of Java motorcycles for Nepal, has started booking by fixing the price of the motorcycle at Rs 758,000, the company said.

Charging station till July last

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is set to complete the construction of 50 charging stations by next July. The construction of the charging station, which started two years ago, is being completed one month behind the contract date. The charging stations are being constructed at 32 places on major highways.

NEA has constructed a charging station for electric vehicles. NEA project chief Sagar Gyawali said that the charging machine has been sent to Nepal from China. Now we are working on machine connection. The machine is coming from China. We will complete all the work by next July. ”

Work is currently underway to supply power to the station. The station will be placed on East-West, Prithvi, Siddhartha, BP, Madan Bhandari and other highways. The stations are located at a distance of one hundred kilometers. The car at the station will be fully charged in half an hour and just an hour. Two hundred kilowatt transformer will be kept in the charging station.

The charging station has been constructed with the financial assistance of the Asian Development Bank. The construction of a charging station will cost around Rs 8 million. There will be five stations in each state. Similarly, 10 will be in the valley and the remaining five will be in other necessary places.

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