बुधबार , चैत्र १५, २०७९

IPO open CYC Nepal Microfinance Financial Institution Limited

बैसाख २, २०७९ शुक्रबार 473

CYC Nepal Microfinance Financial Institution Limited has opened sale of Primary Public Issue (IPO) from today. The company has opened issue and sale of 3,95,336 ordinary shares.

The company has secured five percent or 19,766 shares of the collective investment fund and zero point five percent of the issued capital i.e. six thousand 82 shares to the employees and the remaining 369,488 shares have been allotted to the public.

The general public can apply for the purchase of a minimum of 10 lots and a maximum of one thousand lots of shares, according to the information made public by the company. The company has also stated that applications can be submitted till April 20 for the purchase of the evicted shares and if the demand is not received by that time, the eviction will be open till April 30.

The public notice of the company states that the general public can apply using the ‘My Share’ online from all C-ASWA member banks and financial institutions and their branch offices approved by the Nepal Securities Board. The issue and sale manager of the company is Global IME Capital Limited.

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