बुधबार , चैत्र १५, २०७९

Money invested in view tower should be used to build hospital : Shekhar Koirala

चैत्र २१, २०७८ सोमबार 311

Nepali Congress central member Dr. Shekhar Koirala has said that unnecessary expenditure has been made on development in Nepal. Inaugurating the Simaltar Drinking Water Project at Bandipur Gaonpalika-2 of Tanahu today, Dr. Koirala said that unnecessary expenditure has been made in the name of constructing view towers in different parts of the country and stressed on the need to build hospitals and schools with the investment.

“We say there is no money for development. We are spending unnecessarily on the view tower,” he said. Mentioning that the leaders and cadres of the Nepali Congress should pledge not to build the view tower while making the manifesto, he said, “Elections are coming. Make a commitment to invest the cost of building the view tower in hospitals and schools. If you do so, it will be beneficial for the Nepali Congress.”

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