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‘Comeback’ Priyanka in the film industry after a long time

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Nepali film Radha’s fast target song ‘Radha Piyari’ has been shot. The song Radha Piyari was shot at Pashupati premises on Wednesday. A glimpse of Tij can be seen in the song. Priyanka Karki and Shrishti Shrestha, who have made a comeback in the film industry after a long time, have the lead roles in the song.

Actress Shrishti Shrestha said that she shot the song to cover the movie Radha. She said that it was fun to dance to Tiju’s song and it was fun to shoot the song as it was always a festival.

Similarly, Saugat Malla, the producer and protagonist of the film Radha, said that he had to run for the shooting of the film when he was the producer. He said that it was an opportunity for him to learn as his work was different. He said that he has invested in making a film based on real Nepali story.

Actress Priyanka Karki, who acted in the same song, expressed happiness that she was able to return to work after shooting the song for Tiju. She said that even if she is not fast, she will feel happy as soon as she gets to dance. She said that she felt comfortable returning to work after a while.

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