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apartment in Kathmandu worth Rs 170 million, also sold out.

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How much apartment units will be sold in Kathmandu Valley? Units worth up to Rs 170 million have been sold months before the start of apartment construction in Naxal. All the units have been sold out even before the construction of High Sky Skywan Apartments started with an investment of around Rs 2 billion.

This is probably the first project in the Nepali real estate market to sell a unit at such a high price. Skyline Developers Pvt Ltd is constructing a total of 14 units of luxury apartments in Naxal. Skyline Developers is a joint venture between MC Group and KL Dugad Group.

Units of 36 hundred square feet and 65 hundred square feet are being constructed. It has 3600 square feet of four bedrooms and 6500 square feet of duplex, said Saurabh Dugad, managing director of Skyline Developers. Out of the total 14 units, 6 are duplexes and the remaining eight are four bedrooms.

He said that the company had planned to start construction of the apartment before the Corona epidemic but it was postponed due to the ban. ‘The plan was to build our cove beforehand. Covid and other reasons delayed. We started construction of the apartment only six months ago, ”he said.

The company aims to complete the structure of the apartment one hundred percent in the next one year. Dugad informed that the apartment will be ready to move in the next two years so that the finishing work can be completed in the remaining one year.

The company has already sold the four-bedroom apartment for Rs 950 million. The company has sold duplex units at an average of Rs 16 to 17 crore. “We have not charged any extra for this price. Plus we don’t charge any extra fees. This price includes everything, ‘said Dugad.

The apartment is being built on a total of 11 floors. The double basement parking is said to be in the apartment. The apartment is being constructed on four ropanis of land.

Earlier, an apartment was being constructed on the land where Alok Vidyashram School was located, said Dugad. It is said that the company has started construction of high end apartment on the same land by demolishing the building after relocating the school.

The apartment has indoor heated swimming pool, gym hall, double basement parking, double height lobby, conference room, recreation and other facilities, said Dugad.

‘Land prices are rising in Kathmandu. Everyone wants a better home. Affordable housing is in its place, its need is in its place. It is also necessary to complete it. At the same time, the demand for luxury housing in our market is also high. No matter how much you try to discourage it, there is a demand, “said Dugad.” Everyone wants to raise their living standards.

Similarly, to meet such demand, it has become difficult and expensive for us to buy a house in a city center like Naxal. Land is expensive, not even a big project. That is why we have made 14 units high-end so that it is easy to sell. ‘

Dugad claimed that Italian marble flooring and architecture were also used in the rooms of the apartment. The company has stated that there is no agreement on quality and convenience as per the price.

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