बुधबार , चैत्र १५, २०७९

Ram Kumari Jhankri tiktok live video

असार २०, २०७९ सोमबार 1805

It has been a long time since Ram Kumari Jhankri started using ‘Tiktak’. It seems that she came to live and started living.

Ram Kumari Jhankri tiktok live video

After becoming a minister, she gave a little less time to live. As soon as she lost her post as a minister, she came live and started saying tap, thank you so much. The video is going viral.

In her recently live video, she is seen asking for a gift. Her friends, who came live, told her friends not to say such things before returning to UML. While thanking everyone, she also reminded that there was a trend of saying ‘thank you nani babu’ at some point.

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