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Ram Kumari Jhankri left the ministry crying

असार १३, २०७९ सोमबार 517

Urban Development Minister Ram Kumari Jhankri has left the ministry crying. Before leaving the ministry, Jhankri shed tears over and over again during a press conference on Sunday afternoon.

She was very eager to speak at the press conference. Jhankri, who has repeatedly shed tears, expressed her concern over the announcement of the end of the press conference. Responding to a limited question from a media person, she said that it was painful to know the decision to recall the minister from the media even though it was not difficult to recall him.

Before leaving the ministry, she said the party had decided to recall her and that she would not have to resign as she had done nothing wrong. At the press conference, the staff including the secretary of the ministry said that Jhankri had developed herself technically in a short time while fulfilling the responsibilities of the minister and expressed hope for cooperation again.

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