बुधबार , चैत्र १५, २०७९

Permanent jobs opened in Sajha Yatat

असार ३, २०७९ शुक्रबार 1968

Sajha Yatat has demanded employees in various positions. According to the letter of approval dated June 12 from the Public Service Commission, permanent staff has been demanded. Sajha Yatat has asked to submit the application within 21 days of the publication of the notice and within 7 days after the expiry of the double fee.

It has demanded 17 open employees in various posts including four women. There is a demand for staff in each post including Automobile Engineer, Administrative Officer, Accounting Officer, Transport Management Officer, Administration Assistant, Accounting Assistant, Transport Management Assistant.

Minimum educational qualification required

With the main objective of operating cheap, accessible and reliable, popular and reliable transport service for the general public, Sajha Yatat has been registered as a primary cooperative under the then Cooperatives Act 2016 on Wednesday, April 20, 2018 BS.

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