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Singer Indira Joshi Haldi Ceremony cinematic video

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Singer Indira Joshi is married. She got married to fashion designer Sharad Kedia on Tuesday. Joshi had been in love with Kedia for some years. Indira and Sharad got married at Barahi Jungle Lodge in Chitwan on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, singer Joshi celebrated Haldi / Mehndi on Sunday. She has made the photos public through social media. Her haldi / mehndi video has also been made public on YouTube . singer Indira Joshi, who wore a pink sari at the haldi ceremony, looks very happy. The haldi program was organized in the home garden area.

Thehaldi ceremony was well attended in the presence of some family member . Last year, Sharad proposed to Indira, who visited the Everest National Park. Watch the singer Indira Joshi haldi ceromony video

Merger agreement between Global IME Bank and Bank of Kathmandu

Global IME Bank, known for merging Nepal’s banks and financial institutions, has made another historic decision. Less than a few days after Nepal Investment Bank and Mega Bank reached an agreement to merge, Global has decided to merge with Bank of Kathmandu.

A preliminary memorandum of understanding has been signed today between the two banks to merge. As soon as the MoU was signed, Rs. Global IME Bank will establish itself as the largest bank in the country with a total capital of Rs 52 billion. The MoU has been signed by Chandra Prasad Dhakal, Chairman of Global IME Bank and Prakash Shrestha, Chairman of Bank of Kathmandu Limited.

It has been agreed that the name of the new bank to be formed after the merger will be Global IME BOK Limited and the board of directors will consist of five members including Chairman Chandra Prasad Dhakal from Global IME Bank and two members from Bank of Kathmandu. Similarly, it has been agreed that Ratnaraj Bajracharya will be the chief executive officer of the bank.

Earlier, Bajracharya was the Chief Executive Officer of Global IME Bank. The assets and liabilities of Global IME Bank Limited and Bank of Kathmandu Limited have reached a preliminary agreement to maintain a one-to-one swap ratio. Global IME BOK Limited, which will be formed by merging a total of 21 banks and financial institutions, will have a history of including five ‘A’ class commercial banks, 10 development banks and six finance companies.

After the merger, the bank’s total capital increased to Rs. 52.29 billion.

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