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Royal Infield’s bike new price list nepal

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Alpha Automotives has unveiled a new price list for the first time since it was named the official dealer of Royal Enfield bikes in Nepal. The price of Royal Infield has also gone up after the government recently increased the price of motorcycles with a capacity of more than 200 cc through the budget.

All Royal Infield motorcycles currently available for sale are 350 cc. According to the budget, the government has imposed 70 percent customs duty and 80 percent excise duty on 250 to 400 cc motorcycles. Earlier, only 30 percent customs duty was levied but now the customs duty has reached 70 percent.

Motorcycle test rides and bookings can be done through the touch point set up in the city center of Kamalpokhari, which is currently under construction. According to the price list made public, the price of all the models of Classic 350 has been fixed at Rs. 700,000. Similarly, the price of Matiar 350 available in 7 models has been fixed from Rs. 875,000 to Rs. 935,000.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 also in new design

A new generation model of Bajaj Pulsar 150, the best-selling motorcycle in Nepal, is also coming. Discussions have started about the new Pulsar 150 as soon as the pictures of the company testing the road of the new generation Pulsar came out.

Earlier, the company was also testing the Pulsar NS160. Bajaj has also provided many features in the 150 Pulsar inspired by the Pulsar F250 and N250. Which can be seen from the seat of Pulsar 150. The new Pulsar 150, which is being tested, seems to have taken features from the Pulsar 250, which looks like a split seat, split pillion gravel, new alloy wheels.

The new Pulsar also has 280mm front disc brakes, ULF I DLR, and LED taillights inspired by the Pulsar 250. The company will offer a new single-cylinder air-cooled engine in the new Pulsar 150. The company is expected to launch it in July.

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