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‘Neta v’ electric crossover public

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The Neta V electric crossover car to be brought by CG Motor under Chaudhary Group will be unveiled on Sunday, May 6. The company has stated that the booking of Neta V produced by Hojan Auto brought to Nepal by the company will also be open from the same day.

The company is preparing to release Neta V, who arrived in Kathmandu a week ago, at Bhatbhateni Super Market in Hadigaun. ‘Booking is open from Sunday. Customers who book now will get their car within two months’, a company source said.

CG Motor had initially brought two units of Neta to Nepal for testing. It is currently undergoing road verification testing. The interior of the Neta V, which looks attractive at a glance, is also excellent. Its front fascia and vertical infotainment system give a glimpse of Tesla.

Sports car-inspired two-spoke steering wheel, sharp dashboard and Pew leather seat are its strong points. The Neta Bhima that came to Nepal has a 38 kWh battery produced by Kettle and a 70 kW motor has been connected. As there is a motor connection with a capacity of less than 100 kW, the tax will not increase due to the budget.

The company has stated that it will provide 6.6 kW capacity charger with the vehicle. The official price of Neta V, which is said to be worth around Rs 3.8 million now, will also be made public on Sunday, June 7.

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