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2022 model Yadia electric scooter in Nepal

जेठ २०, २०७९ शुक्रबार 252

Yadiya’s 2022 model electric scooters have entered the Nepali market. These scooters have been imported by Kuju Nepal Company for Nepal. Along with the new model, the company has also brought a special spring offer. Accordingly, a cash discount of Rs 15,000 will be available on all models.

Also, various accessories including helmet, key chain, t-shirt, umbrella, cap and mug will be available. The company says that any old scooter can be easily replaced with a loan with zero percent interest rate to replace the new Yadiya scooter.

According to the company, three models of scooters, namely G-Five, C-One S and S-Like, are being sold and distributed in the Nepali market. These scooters are priced at Rs 345,000, Rs 365,000 and Rs 245,000 respectively.

Its pre-booking was already open. The company says that those who have pre-booked the scooter have been provided a discount of Rs 20,000.

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