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Question paper for class 12 exam by email

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The practice of sending class 12 question papers by email has saved the state millions of rupees. This year’s class 12 examination has started from Monday. The National Examination Board has sent question papers by email to examination centers across the country.

Controller of Examinations Krishna Prasad Sharma said that at least Rs 10 million has been saved for printing the question papers. He said, “Question papers are sent half an hour before the start of the examination. The examination center has made arrangements to print it immediately and distribute it to the candidates.

About Rs. 20 million was being spent on printing the question papers. Similarly, 45 security personnel of Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force, concerned officials of the board used to stay at Janak Education Materials Center for a month at the time of printing the question papers.

Apart from that, millions of rupees were spent on transporting question papers in all the districts and keeping the question papers at the police station for security before the examination was conducted. It was also costly to buy a box to keep the question papers at the police station.

In Kathmandu and Terai, Rs. 2 per page will be provided for printing question papers, Rs. 3 per page in hilly areas and Rs. 5 per page in mountainous areas. He said that by providing such funds, printing, security personnel and staff allowances and transportation costs would be avoided.

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