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President Bidhy Debi Bhandari inaugurates hospital

चैत्र २८, २०७८ सोमबार 411

President Bidhyadevi Bhandari on Sunday inaugurated the Gajendra Memorial Hospital in Jayanagar of Madhavnarayan Municipality. The hospital built by the late Gajendra Narayan Singh Memorial Foundation has 300 beds. During the inauguration of the hospital, President Bhandari said that the late Singh had dedicated his entire life in the service of the people.

He said that the late Singh was a struggling personality and for the sake of social transformation, his thoughts should always be considered by all. Expressing the view that the Save the Daughter, Educate the Daughter program of the Madhes state government should be made more effective, he stressed on the need to end the practice of dowry, witchcraft and other social evils.

“Nepal’s natural balance can be maintained by protecting the Chure area,” said President Bhandari. Chief of Madhes Pradesh Harishankar Mishra said that it would not be appropriate for any people to be deprived of food, shelter, cotton, health, education and other facilities and requested all the donor agencies for the development of Madhes Pradesh.

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Democratic Socialist Party Rajendra Mahato expressed confidence that the construction of Gajendra Memorial Hospital in the central region of Madhes would provide access to health services to the people of the region.

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