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Actress Sushma Karki is seen as a singer!

चैत्र २३, २०७८ बुधबार 289

Actress Sushma Karki has also appeared as a singer. She has now sung the cover version of singer Cine Gurung’s song ‘Mann’. Apart from acting, she has also been interested in singing. She said that she sang Cine Gurung’s song with great effort.

A video of she singing has also been made. The video was shot by Nima Sherpa and Rajiv Thapa. In the video, Sushma can be seen singing in a dignified manner. Karki’s acting and dancing, which has been the subject of discussion and controversy for various reasons, has been considered good from time to time.

Sushma said that she used to sing from time to time to forget her mind. “I have been singing the cover version from time to time. I have sung this song to make my heart forget, ‘said Sushma.’ I am bringing some more songs, including one Hindi.’ Many have given a governmental response to Sushma’s singing in both Real and Real.

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