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Ruling parties engaged in state level discussions to coordinate the election

चैत्र २१, २०७८ सोमबार 359

The parties affiliated to the ruling coalition have decided to review all the municipalities of Madhesh Pradesh and submit a letter to submit the report.

According to Janata Samajwadi Party Madhes Pradesh Chairman Rambabu Yadav, the Madhes state level meeting of the ruling coalition parties prepared to coordinate in the upcoming local elections has decided to review all the eight district level alliances in each municipality and submit a report to all the districts by Tuesday.

He said that the meeting held at the state office of Nepali Congress in Janakpurdham discussed how to coordinate, which party will field candidates at which local level and decided to hold further discussions after receiving the report on the condition of the municipality in the district.

The ruling coalition has already decided to form an alliance in the local level election to be held on April 12. After the decision, the parties affiliated to the ruling coalition in Madhes have started discussions. There are 136 local levels in Madhes including one metropolis.

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